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Cosmetic wear refers to, but not limited to: wear or tears on the label, writing on cartridge, or cracked / chipped plastic. Game in otherwise working condition.

 In the year 2777 nuclear wars and natural disasters have long since devastated the Earth. Only five sparsely inhabited islands survive to form a single nation, XEXYZ, where mankind lives peacefully under the rule of good King Xeu Star. But one day XEXYZ is attacked! From deepest space comes GORUZA, a mighty fortress of bizarre and vicious mechanical beasts. XEXYZ is defenseless against the assault. All hope is dead. Until, at least, Space Warrior Apollo decides that he can no longer endure his people's suffering. In full battle gear, he challenges the monsters of GORUZA and their cruel empire, vowing to destroy them and to free XEXZY from its terrible fate! 


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