Tetris Worlds *Pre-owned*

Tetris Worlds *Pre-owned*

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Comes with case, cover art, and manual.

An update of the perennial classic, Tetris Worlds combines the tried-and-true formula of the original Tetris with a number of variations on the theme. The concept is based around the idea that Tetris is played differently on various worlds. The six disciplines that players can partake in are Tetris, Square Tetris, Cascade Tetris, Sticky Tetris, Hot-Line Tetris, and Fusion Tetris.

The original Tetris rules require players to move and rotate Tetriminos in such a way so as to complete one or more horizontal lines. Once completed the line will disappear, awarding points based upon the number of lines that are cleared simultaneously. Square Tetris is much the same as the classic rules, but additional points are awarded for creating four by four square blocks.

Cascade Tetris is yet another variation of the classic rules. Here, whenever lines are cleared, individual pieces fall down into "cells." If these pieces clear any lines upon falling, a cascade results, granting the player bonus points. In Sticky Tetris, the goal is to "dig" your way through the blocks onscreen and to clear the bottom row. However, the caveat is that like-colored cells will join with similarly colored cells, forming new shapes. When enough of these cells join together, a Critical Mass occurs that clears the blocks.

Hot-Line Tetris requires players to clear six pre-marked lines within the onscreen rubbish. The higher up the screen these lines are, the greater the number of points a player will receive. Fusion Tetris tasks players with connecting falling "Atom Blocks" with a Fusion Block located at the bottom of the screen. Along with its own set of Tetris rules, each world will present players with a unique 3D background to enjoy while playing the game.

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