Red Dead Redemption - Guide book

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Paperback - Maps and strategy for all three Acts of the Main Story missions, plus everything else required to achieve 100% completion---including Nightwatch, Horse-breaking, Strangers, Challenges, Herding, Hunting, and all Mini-games.

Our detailed maps and descriptions reveal precise locations for all collectibles and side missions. Find Gang Hideouts, Wanted Poster & Bounty targets, Treasure Maps & Chests, Wildflowers, Hunting spots, and more!

Stats for every weapon in your arsenal and market value for all items that can be bought and sold in shops.

Complete coverage on all modes of Multiplayer---featuring pro tips from the Rockstar Multiplayer test team.

A comprehensive look inside the major towns and settlements, including details on local establishments and available events. Our exclusive, top-down diagrams identify the buildings and points of interest in these areas---on both sides of this giant poster. You will not find this information in high resolution quality anywhere else!


Hardcover - The Game of the Year Guide covering all things Red Dead Redemption. Take a step back in time to the American Old West and follow John Marston as he sets out to hunt down his former gang members in Red Dead Redemption. This must-have guide covers everything from the original game, along with all three DLC releases - Liars and Cheats, Legends and Killers, and Undead Nightmare. Features never before seen sketches and it's very own art gallery, as well as extended coverage of walkthroughs, challenges, achievements and trophies. This special edition "Game of the Year" guide is a collectible for all Red Dead Redemption fans and not to be missed.



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