Exit *Cartridge Only*

Exit *Cartridge Only*

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Cartridge only.

Rescue the helpless and Guide them out of harm's way! Maneuver through burning buildings and sinking ships! Dodge disaster and save survivors along the way!

The stylish and inventive action puzzle game makes a smooth return to the portable scene on Nintendo DS, with all-new Touch Screen functionality, more than 100 stages and global rankings over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!

Play as the heroic, fedora-clad Mr. ESC, the professional escape artist. Helping people escape from all kinds of disasters is his life's work. He always leads; he never follows. He does not judge the people he helps. He is a perfectionist, a romantic and a coffee lover. To him, no escape is impossible.

Utilize Mr. Esc's amazing skills in dangerous situations such as:

  • Hotel Inferno: A luxury hotel is on fire! Help out everyone inside!
  • Shopping Mall Panic: A mall in the city is covered in snow and ice!
  • Sinking Luxury Liner: Help everyone get out of a sinking ship!

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