March of the Penguins *Cartridge Only*

March of the Penguins *Cartridge Only*

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Cartridge only.

Based upon the 2006 Academy Award winning documentary, March of the Penguins for the Nintendo DS retells the epic journey of the Emperor Penguins as they make their 70 mile journey to breed their young. Players help guide the Penguins past shifting ice sheets, through echoing ice caverns and underwater grottos, while avoiding ever present predators such as the Leopard Seal and the extreme cold.

* Over 50 levels to enjoy.

* Touch screen drag and drop mechanic.

* Animated in-game sequences.

* Expedition log allows for re-play of levels.

* Classic addictive-style game play.

* Three additional mini-game sequences.

* Twelve Chapters follow the story.

* Realistic Antarctica settings.

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