Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings - SNES

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Cosmetic wear refers to, but not limited to: wear or tears on the label, Sun-fading or discoloration, writing on cartridge, or cracked / chipped plastic. Game in otherwise working condition.

 The ancient Greeks ignited the first Olympic torch hundreds of years ago. The Eternal flame has now been stolen. IZZY, the Olympic character needs your help! Without the flame, the 1996 Olympic Games will be cancelled. Help IZZY find the five Olympic rings in six magical quests to re-enter the Reality Vortex, then relight the flame in the human world. It's a tough job, but with IZZY'S morphing abilities and your help...you'll be big time heroes! IZZY is an Olympic Hero with amazing morphing abilities. Watch as he... - Hang Glides through the Greek Village. - Transforms into a rocket. - Javelins through the Lava Dome... - And much, much more!!! - Bonus stages with every Olympic Quest. - SPIN JUMP ATTACK or HURDLE JUMP past Hot-Head, Razor-Sharp Pricklers and Kamikaze Swoopers. - Collect Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals to keep Izzy going strong and healthy. - Hidden egg-shape surprises that fall from thin air; be careful, some are dangerous! 




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